Employer Branding & Engagement

If you have found your way to this page on this website then we are going to assume that you don’t need to have the terms Employer Branding or Employee Engagement explained to you. We will, however, take a few lines to tell you what they mean to us.

First, ask yourself a very simple question. What proportion of your marketing budget did you spend this year on your people?
Great products don’t just appear – they are hard work. Even organisations that started with a product that “sells itself” have to move on to new products. Success is down to the quality of talent in your organisation, whether they are culturally the right people for you and whether they are motivated.

Our Philosophy….…Employer branding is very simple.

Assuming all is well with your organisation then the people who are a cultural fit for you should be able to join, flourish and, as a consequence, their personal success will deliver success to your organisation. Therefore if you can communicate the essence of what it is to work in your organisation to the right people they will want to work for you, will stay longer and will ultimately make your organisation more successful.

Walking the walk

Since 2009 we have worked with the Great Place to Work® Institute to measure many of the thoughts and beliefs of our employees and to improve the business as a place of work. Since 2014 we have twice won the award for Best Workplace in Ireland. We don’t just help our clients with their employer brand – we live our own.